Holistic Services

    • Essential Oil Blends – $25
      Personalized to create bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit. Custom blended essential oils created to help lift your spirit, calm, your soul, and heal your body.
    • Hand Reflexology Treatment – $55
      Feel tensions slip away with this special service. Enjoy the aromatherapy scrub to your hands and forearms. Reflexology to your hands and fingers with hydrating essential oils helps relieves stress throughout your body. The perfect relaxing treat for those on the go with a busy schedule.
    • Reiki – $90+
      Reiki: Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” and is an ancient form of Japanese healing. Elegantly simple yet a powerful tool to enhance well being. Reiki balances the energies in the body while restoring peace to the mind, body and spirit.
      Distance Reiki and Reiki classes available upon request.
    • Foot Reflexology Detox Treatment – $90
      Go forward in life with joy and ease with a Foot Reflexology Detox. Enjoy the refreshing sea salt scrub to your feet and calves, aromatherapy foot reflexology, refreshing clay detox mask and hydrating massage with essential oils.
    • Space Clearing/Smudging $100+
      A unique service for the home or workplace to clear out negative energies so that the space it creates will be regenerated into positive energy allowing a feeling of love, peace and light in your personal environment. Perfect for clearing out energies before moving into a new location or after experiencing a life changing event.
    • Chakra Balancing – $175
      Experience the ultimate feeling of deep relaxation with this unique service. A personalized blend of alternative therapies including Reiki, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, vibrational sound therapy, crystal therapy and color therapy are used to restore peace to your mind, body and spirit. Balanced chakras promote a tranquil feeling of well-being, setting your spirit free to go forward in life with joy and ease. A spa gift and positive affirmations to further promote peace in your life are included.
    • Ultimate Glow Facial – $190
      Set your inner beauty free while restoring peace to your mind, body and spirit. Our signature facial includes all the benefits of an Amazing Glow Facial and brow shaping with the relaxing and healing effects of Reiki. Reiki healing energy will flow throughout the facial, with a more concentrated Reiki session after the facial. Many clients feel as though they look several years younger and see continued improvement for days.

Note: It is important to be aware that complementary and alternative therapies are not substitutes for diagnosis and/or treatment by a doctor, or for orthodox medication. They may, however, support any form of conventional therapy and the natural healing process.

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